“I highly recommend Brinke Guthrie as a prospective team member at your organization. Please consider him for upcoming communications and social media positions—let me tell you why.

Brinke has worked tirelessly for me for the last three-and-a-half years. The man is a machine. I initially hired him as a comment moderator for He quickly rocketed into organized tens of thousands of photos, respectfully answering queries from the audience, writing creative daily blog posts, diligently creating and scheduling all promotions including fulfillment, and kept all social media outlets fresh. Brinke made himself indispensable instantly.

Brinke is extraordinarily passionate and tick-on-a-dog-committed to his work and deadlines. His detail-oriented-ness borders on obsessive. Before you can ask if a task has been completed, it’s done and he’s on to the next thing on the list. He understands the importance of growing, communicating and understanding audiences, and how to engage our hundreds of thousands of visitors.

I’m extraordinarily confident that Brinke Guthrie will bring solid, infectious, enthusiasm and social engagement to your team.” -Meg Frost,

“Along with all that others have said, Brinke deserves an accolade that few people can claim: he writes because he loves to write. It shows in how he approaches his work and everyday life—he’s always looking for a way to tie his passions to his audience and vice versa. I’m happy to have worked with him!” -Aileen Morrissey,

Brinke Guthrie is an editorial content developer and writer for He is insightful, hard working and savvy within the web world. I can always count on him to jump on assignments and properly research and deliver material that is professionally written and timely. He is easy to work with, full of ideas, professional and personable. His long time experience working in the media and with various personalities has lent an ease with communication and a perspective that can only be gained over time. Brinke would be an asset to any communications team, especially within the world of sports.” -Karin Burgess,

“Brinke has been contributing his weekly ‘Collector’s Corner’ column to my sports website for many years now, and it’s become quite popular with our readers. He never misses a deadline and is always upbeat and helpful. A pleasure to work with!“ -Paul Lukas,

“Brinke always went above and beyond the call to get the job done. His Rolodex was one of the most coveted in town, because he had tons of connections and used them adroitly. He also never forgets a friend and pays back when someone asks a favor of him. He brought that rare combination of a great idea man with great execution. And finally, who else could have gotten our WARM 98 COFFEE MUG into Judge Lance Ito’s hands…and courtroom…on national TV during the O.J. Simpson trial? Only Brinke.” –Tom Sandman, former Production Director, WRRM-FM

In my over 25 years in radio, I’ve never met a more creative, get-it-done Promotions Director than Brinke Guthrie. This is the guy who got our Warm 98 station coffee mug on Judge Ito’s courtroom bench during the O.J. trial. He also had two local Olympic gold medal gymnasts Amanda Borden and Jaycie Phelps wearing Warm 98 t-shirts on stage with Celine Dion, while she sang “The Power of the Dream” at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati. Our competitor at the time sat in the audience and fumed. I was always amazed and impressed by Brinke’s creativity, but never surprised that his ideas actually came to life. He knows how to get it done.” –Jeff Davis, former announcer, WRRM-FM

“Brinke was an outstanding, thorough, creative, and energetic professional during his days as Promotions Director at WRRM-FM in Cincinnati. Brinke always had an eye for how he could promote the radio station in the local community, and sometimes he managed to promote the radio station on a national scale (although the national promotion was of secondary importance because in the world of local radio, publicity and awareness within the city served by the station is everything—-and Brinke was outstanding at promoting WRRM-FM within the Cincinnati market. Brinke was always easy to work with, and he always saw projects through to completion. Perhaps most noteworthy, Brinke was an incredibly hard worker. He was a joy to work with.” –Jim Smith, former announcer, WRRM-FM

“Brinke is an enthusiastic guy who brings energy to the workplace. He is innately creative and always thinks out of the box. He was a pleasure to have on the staff of WKRQ in the heyday – when the station was named Radio Station of the Year. Brinke’s contributions were significant to the success of the radio station.”  – Mark Hubbard, former VP/GM, WKRQ-FM

“I wrote & produced commercials for WKRC radio & Q102 at Taft Broadcasting-Great American. When Randy Michaels left, I worked exclusively for WKRC radio & Brinke Guthrie replaced me, writing & producing commercials for Q102 as Production Director. Brinke was very creative, worked quickly, always came up with copy & finished product the client loved. He also worked well with the air talent & sales staff. He was a real asset!” – Bob Berry, former production director, WKRC-AM

“Brinke was reliable, diligent, and resourceful. Good qualities.” – Richard Hunt, Director of News Operations at K-LOVE/Air 1 Radio Networks, former News Director, WKRC-AM

Brinke was creative in his writing and delivery of anchored news and spot reporting. Always professional and reliable and contributed to a rewarding work environment.” –Bobby Leach, former traffic reporter, WKRC-AM

“I worked with Brinke Guthrie when we were both in the radio business. He is the kind of person who is the first to show up and the last to leave. He is a creative, cooperative and highly ethical. I would gladly work with him again, and would recommend him to others.” -Fred Anderson, former reporter, WKRC-AM

“Brinke Guthrie fully invests himself into his job, and delivers consistent results. As Web Editor at CNET, I watched Brinke lead some exciting developments, working in partnership with other large national companies, such as American Airlines, TellMe Networks and others. He’s the kind of talent who grasps technical issues, but can also serve well as a communicator with external parties. You cannot lose with Brinke.” –Tracy Romine, former news anchor, CNET Radio